Birthday Greetings

Birthday Greetings For Friends And Families

Birthday Greetings – Birthdays do come once in a year. Out of the 365 days, it’s your special day. Being happy and grateful to witness that day is something to celebrate about.

Here is a collection of top 50 happy birthday wishes to send to your family, soul mates and friends.

Birthday Greetings 1 – 10

  1. May our supreme Father take care of your wishes on this day and be a winner every time. Happy Birthday!
  2. My wishes for you today are endless joy, prosperity, more grace, and blessings. Happy Birthday!
  3. A day like these, a beautiful soul was born, may you burn thousands of candles and have fruitful years ahead. Happy Birthday!
  4. May your life be filled with laughter, enriched with love, wrapped with joy and surrounded with happiness. Happy Birthday!
  5. This birthday greeting comes with love. I could have attached my heart so that you could know how much you mean to me. Happy Birthday my love!
  6. You clashed my world with undeniable love. Your love abounded and created a little heaven in my heart. You are the only thing I treasure. Being with you are the best moments of my life. Happy Birthday!
  7. Happy Birthday! Wishing you a joyful and beautiful day filled with sunshine and love.
  8. I am grateful that you were born on this lovey day. I wish fun-filled days ahead as you enjoy with your family and friends.
  9. Getting older is fantastic, new adventures await. I wish life splendor and zeal. Happy Birthday!
  10. I wish you find everything you desire in your life. I wish this birthday to be the turning point to a joyful and successful life.

    Birthday Greetings 11 – 20

  11. Happy Birthday to the sweetest and most adorable woman in the world.
  12. Knowing I have somebody to lean on, my days are brightening up with joy and love. Every waking day my love shines more. Happy Birthday to my dearest sweetheart!
  13. Happy Birthday to my dearest mum, you are the best mum. Thanks for being supportive.
  14. For all the sacrifice you have made, raising us solely. You are a strong woman and your compassion towards us is incomparable. Happy Birthday, Mum.
  15. My world could be nothing without you in my life. You molded and brought the best out of me. You are not just a mother but my best friend. I wish you a joyful birthday.
  16. Looking back, in every tear, smile and cheer you were there for me, supporting me and offering the energy I needed. You worked tirelessly to see I stand firm in the game of life. Mum, I wish you a wonderful happy birthday.
  17. You are the best a man can get. Happy Birthday darling.
  18. On this day, I wish it brings you unexpected blessings, abounding joy and endless love. Happy Birthday my dear lovely sister.
  19. Happy birthday to me, it +1 now, may this day bring countless joy and peace.
  20. Happy birthday to the most beautiful, humble, funny and amazing sister in the world, may your years be filled with blessing.

    Birthday Greetings 21 – 30

  21. As you grow older you become wiser. I wish you prosperous years ahead.
  22. Heavens has done marvelous by adding one more year to you. Happy birthday!
  23. To this beautiful and amazing soul, happy birthday and may the almighty lord shine in your path.
  24. I wish on this colorful day, your life will blossom with joy, and your dreams come into reality. Happy Birthday!
  25. Surviving another year it such a blessing. Happy birthday and I wish you days full of grace, joy and love.
  26. hat a day! On this day the, sweetest being on universe was born. Happy birthday
  27. There are no enough words to express my happiness. I wish you the best. Happy birthday.
  28. You are a living radiance, aging gracefully, with a golden heart. Happy Birthday
  29. You are my inspiration, heaven sent and my strength. I wish you sweetness and joy, happy birthday dad.
  30. My life could be nothing without you, a complete mess and chaotic. You are the reason I stand firm. Happy Birthday.

    Birthday Greetings 31 – 40

  31. I have loved you my whole life. You are my pillar and source of encouragement. Happy Birthday
  32. You are the sweetest man in the universe. Your love fills my days with sunshine and bountiful colors. Happy Birthday to you.
  33. Nothing is great than having the best brother in the world. May your days have all the blessing life can unfold and countless smiles. I wish you a Happy Birthday.
  34. I can’t figure it out going through this life without you. Thanks for bringing a lot of fun and joy in my life. Happy Birthday, dearest brother.
  35. All the treasure life can offer is incomparable to your love. Neither gold nor diamond can compensate that. May the light shine in your ways.
  36. It is a blessing to have an amazing woman in my life. More love on your birthday.
  37. Having caring dad like you, I count it as a blessing in my life. You have been wonderful and friendly. Always there to offer a helping hand, I wish you the best on your birthday.
  38. The bond we share is one thing the world cannot take from us. Always in life since day one, our love is unshakeable and unbreakable. Happy Birthday, dad!
  39. In the midst of tide, you taught me how to sail swiftly. You lifted my soul when I thought I had lost it all. You words of encouragement taught me to dream bigger. Happy Birthday!
  40. You are my rock, my shining star, the angel sent from heaven. I am blessed to have you. Happy Birthday!

    Birthday Greetings 41 – 50

  41. Thinking of someone whom I have shared my life with, your name is second to none. You showed me the meaning of true love. Happy birthday to my gorgeous wife.
  42. Growing up together with you life was fun-filled. I want you to know I am grateful to have an adorable brother. I wish you all happiness.
  43. You are the greatest gift, a daughter you can count on, loving, caring, responsible, and amazing. Take care my love and have a wonderful birthday.
  44. The memories of growing up with you are one gift no one can take away from us. You are my only candy. Happy Birthday!
  45. With my imperfection, you embraced me in your arms. You tolerated my flawless. The best friend to cherish, your friendship is incomparable. Happy Birthday!
  46. So many wishes, so many blessing, I wish every desire in your heart to come true. I wish you reap happiness in every move you make. Happy Birthday, son.
  47. Every time I see your smile, my love grows stronger, every time I see you face my heart beats with joy. Happy Birthday, my love.
  48. You are incredibly, joyously and surprising to me. The person I trust in my life, happy birthday.
  49. I am blessed to have a boss like you; you bring the best out of me. I wish you more years of happiness
  50. You are the most adorable and strongest man I have ever met. You goodness surpass all the earthly treasure. Happy birthday to you.
  51. My world was falling apart before I knew you. You cultivated and brought the best out of me. You are my shooting star. Happy Birthday!

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